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0xC0000428 - Windows 8 - Featured - Windows Wally

How To Fix The 0xC0000428 Error in Windows 8

Published on February 18th, 2017 | by Wally Phillips

Reader Question: “Hi Wally, Toshiba WIN Tablet WTA10 does not boot anymore and it only comes this message. 0xC0000428  (Translated)” – JD., Germany Before addressing any computer issue, I always recommend scanning and repairing any underlying problems ... Read More


WiFi Password - Wifi - Featured - 2 - Windows Wally

Windows 10 Takes Too Long to Connect to WiFi

Published on February 1st, 2017 | by Wally Phillips

Reader Question: “Hi Wally, I’ve noticed that my laptop takes really really long to connect and disconnect to WiFi connections since the Windows 10 update. I need to change connections quite frequently and frankly this is ... Read More

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BIOS - Windows Key - Windows 10 - Featured - Windows Wally

How to get Windows 10 key from the BIOS?

Published on November 6th, 2016 | by Wally Phillips

Reader Question: “Hi Wally, Help! I’m installing Windows 10 and I can’t find my product key!! Its supposed to be in the BIOS now, but can’t find it there either.” – Mario H., USA Before addressing any computer ... Read More